Blue Water Dressage Stables

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Horse Training
  Pam's Classical training methods enhance the confidence level of the horse allowing them to learn and desire to please the rider. Pam has studied with several Classical Masters over the past 25 years.  Horses accepted for training on an individual basis.
  Several training packages are available.
Please call for details.

Blue Water Stables

    Prices effective as of November 1, 2014   


Deluxe Board    $420.00 per mo. Blanket/Boot Changing/Special Needs


                                  Full Training "Plus" Pkg. $780 per month                        
                                  Plus includes 24 Sessions Training 

                                  Standard Full Training $680 per month
                                  Standard includes 20 Sessions  Training

                      (Both include exchanging up to 12 Lessons per month for rides)

                                 Half Training $440 per month

           12 Sessions, exchanging up to 8 Lessons per month for rides


 Lessons        $50 Approx 45 minutes  

                      Children under 17, $35 

                      Trailer in Lessons welcome

 Trailering    $2.00 per mile
                            (Under 20 miles $50)


 Coaching      At shows, available 

Customized Lessons/ Training Packages Available - Just ask